Thursday, August 9, 2012

giddy? yup! fortune cookies

giddy? yup!
{things that make me giggly joyous}
yes, of course, there is much in life that makes me especially gleeful!
but today "the giddy" goes to...

annnnnnndddd... so again, i've been m.i.a.

well, i've had good reason. really i do. lots of going's on. and i'm ready to give you my excuse.
is that so wise fortune cookie?* 
no, i didn't play the lucky numbers, but i do still feel like we won the lottery. we just won't be able to collect our winnings until november.

*funny thing, this turned out to be my fortune a few days after we found out how lucky we were. don't you love when the timing is right? or when it just makes sense? unlike when mister's fortune read, "ask your mother." and she was sitting right across from him.

and a brief jump back to fortune cookies in general. only the tasty ones make me giddy :) the stale ones make me de-giddified. but 8 out of 10 times, i may still eat 'em. 'cuz you know if you don't finish the cookie, the fortune won't come true.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

get your wag on!

apologies for being m.i.a., been a busy busy bee this one. and, yes, today's no different. it's an early saturday rainy morn. i've got bentley on my lap, mattie sleeping on the makeshift bed here in my office, and i'm working on the computer. this is the time that i usually get most of my freelance stuff done. waiting on a reply from one of my clients, i decided to get back on some of my volunteer stuff. i volunteer for the local humane society. i'm on two committees, one of them being on the "wag" committee.

"the wag", as we call it, is the woodford wag, a cross country 5K race and 2K dog walk. all proceeds benefit the homeless animals of the woodford humane society. there are prizes awarded for top finishers and canine contest winners.

we are entering our third year, and it's a really fun event. each year more people participate, and it's nice seeing the same faces (both dogs and dog owners). the dog contests are so cute to watch. we have a dog logo look-alike where some dogs are pre-selected to enter by a committee member or entered by the owners who think the dog fancies our logo. then by audience applause, the winner is chosen. my favorite contest is the tail wagging contest. here, dogs show off their tail waggin' skills. of course, last year, i entered my bauer and his coiled sharpei/chow/shepherd tail. and also joined in was bentley and his fringed finger-like tail. mattie missed the entire thing. she was asleep on the sidelines. neither won, but that's okay. of course, i told them that they are winners in my book. plus, they had the cute outfits that their mama made (one of the benefits of being the committee's designer and logo creator).

pix from last year:
my name ain't baby. it's mattie.
miss mattie, if you're nasty.
bentley, calm, and in rare form.
no, bauer, this isn't a food bib. don't worry, you'll get a treat later.
my friend's son, gav.
gav's mama givin' bentley some kisses.

looking forward to this year's wag, which takes place saturday, may 19. if you're in the area, be sure to join in on the fun to support the woodford humane society, and say hi to me and my pups. they'll be the ones wearing their official and personalized wag gear. if you can't attend, register as a "cat napper" and receive an event t-shirt and fundraise to help the animals. you can also donate through my fundraising page. oh, and we've got a new contest this year. parent and dog look alike contest. no, i won't be entering that one. unless i put on my sleeping mask, then mattie and i have got a good shot at getting the gold.
get your wag on!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

namesake fashion: all things priscilla

i've noticed that my name is popping up a lot these days. awfully coincidental, don't y'think, considering my SITs day was just last week. i'm just say'n...

oka b.
i love these shoes, and apparently by their tagline, they love me too. been wanting to get a pair of the ballet flats for some time now, then lo and behold, when i received the latest in my inbox...
get it here 
vera bradley
the other day, my office neighbor told me that she and her daughter were looking at the new vera bradley styles and found a color named priscilla pink. yes, i know! how appropriate as pink is my color. her daughter ellie (there's also a color named after her, but she likes pink not blue), who's got the same birthday as me {albeit she's only 16}, told her mom that the shade was perfect for me. now, it's a matter of what style? this is a new style called frame bag, but i also like eloise because of the kiss lock and abby for the functionality. i think, perhaps, some of the office gear may make it's way into my work-in-progress office.
get it here
saint grace
love stripe dresses. like this one.
get it here
i've never shopped asos, but have read about it on pose, polyvore, and glitter guide. so when i went to their site the other day... you guessed it... and it's color blocked!
get it here
dooney & burke
i've always been more a fan of dooney & burke than coach. if i were to get another db, it should probably be this one, y'think?
get it here
alice + olivia
this dress is pretty flippin' sweet.  it's got a textured skirt with all-over fringe. sure, it's a bustier dress, but i can totally see myself wearing it layered like the second photo here.
get it here
if i could pull this dress off, i'd get it, but it's too fitting and too low-backed for me. still, i think it's too bad ass not to share. 
get it here
kristin cavallari, september 2011

badgley mischka
oh, how i'd love to say badgley mischka lives in my closet, but my wallet says no. this clutch is perfect for the dress above. and it comes in gold and black!
get it here
i used to hate my name when i was younger, but don't mind it at all now. and it certainly helps when i find namesake fashion which makes me love it even more. this was a lot of fun, kinda was a pose-polyvore-pinterest-window-shopping mishmash. i think i may add this as a regular segment on my blahg.

now it's your turn to join in on the fun! see what outfits you can put together with your namesake fashion and please share with me!