Saturday, November 19, 2011

i'm baaaaaaaaack!!!

apologize for the loooong hiatus, but i had a hard time coming up with something blahg-worthy after my last poignant entry. when i thought what would be the topic of my comeback post, the answer slowly came to me. but i realized i couldn't do it alone, so i enlisted the help of some chimps.

"rise of the planet of the apes"
(aka lessons i learned from
watching a movie with 
digitally-created monkeys)

sometimes we all go a little bananas
image from tormented films

because we have a monkey on our back
image from visual hollywood

that only makes us monkey around
image from

until life throws us a monkey wrench. 
image from beyond hollywood

then we feel like the monkey in the middle.
image from ace showbiz

but if we give up the monkey business,
image from

and take the big leap
image from

to just reach out,
image from nerd bastards

we'll realize we are not alone
image from ace showbiz

and it's okay to lean on others.
image from pop tower

so if we take the time off to
see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil,
image from

we'll see things are clearer when we open 
our eyes to a different point of view.
image from

and with that, let me just end with one last thing...
i'm baaaaaaaaack, b!tche$!!!
now, let's get this party started and
just dance, monkeys, dance!