...is tasty

• i love cupcakes, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cupcakes, ice cream, cupcakes--- ok, i like all desserts and sweets...
• but i do not bake.
• i am not a food snob, but i am very uppity nosed to the fig newton {blech!}. this is the only known food i am not fond of.
• i enjoy being friends' guinea pigs for taste testing.
• i rarely turn down a free meal.
• i rarely get offered a free meal.
• i like trying out different foods, but can only try them out with my peeps, not really my mister {he's not exactly food adventurous, but is improving}.
• i do love my dogs very much, but i do not let them have any of my grub!
• i have a friend who is allergic to mango.

inspired by my mango-allergic buddy-buddy frehn
photo by silly blahgs
most favorite cupcake {belly general}
photo by silly drools
caramanda's pretty pink champagne cupcake.
it glistens and sparkles :)
photo by silly smiles
just tried naticakes the other day. 
great tagline. darling decor. great customer service.
frozen yogurt demolition and photo by silly blahgs
"see what dinner you're missing, mister?"
{while away at training}
photo by silly blahgs
i had been cupcake deprived for some time,
so... enter babycakes cupcake tray.
photo by silly salivates
rachael ray eggplant stack made silly style
photo by silly blahgs