...is stylish

• i love komenuka bijin face powder wash, but found out it is discontinued until later this year? oddly, i love this stuff so much, i am not sure if i am really concerned or not as to why it's discontinued...
• i used to pretend i was a fashion designer and would break out the colored pencils and design dresses.
• i am not of craftmanship worthiness to even correctly sew a button.
• i love jewelry, but never wear any other than my post-betrothed ring.
• i want to learn how to make my own skirts.
• i am a sucker for multipurpose wear.
• i love the way perfume bottles look on a vanity. but i have neither perfume bottles, nor a vanity to put them on.
• i have a mini collection of pink shaded shoes {rainboots, clogs, and trekkers}
• i love collecting purses, but the thought of switching them out tires me.
• i am forever on the lookout for the perfect framed wallet {lodis comes close, but i don't want a kayak-ly long clutch in the design i like!}.
• i've learned to love shopping alone.
• due to my retail-eriffic past, i often still straighten up displays. and i mind my dressing room etiquette by almost always buttoning and zippering up all the things i try on so the salespeeps don't have to.
• i only buy comfy shoes... no matter how hot they are, it's not so hot if they jack up my footsies!
• i own three mohop shoes, and they are the most fun footwear ever.
• i finally bought the pair of irregular choice sweety bird shoes i've been coveting {found them on another site cheaper}.
• i've learned to use my iphone to take snapshots in deciding outfits {to wear or to purchase}. i get a better view of what it looks like than in the mirror.

sperry rain boots, dansko pink ribbon clogs, lands end trekkers

anthropologie cardi, sonoma jeans, irregular choice sweety bird heels