...is pet-rageous

• my first dog was a yorkie named doogie.
• mister and i had a sheltie named lex shortly after moving into our apartment together.
• i got a cairn terrier named toto from a coworker who's neighbors were traveling too much, so he needed a new home.
• bauer, our chow/sharpei/shepard mutt, showed up when he was eight weeks old... under our expedition.
• our first girl, mattie, is the laziest living {nearly comatose} yorkie.
• bentley is our newest addition. word on the street is he's a yorkie, but his hair says he's chinese crested.
• i have self-published four children's books based off of my dogs {www.lulu.com/sillystories}.
• i volunteer for the locale humane society.
• i want to get involved in the national canine cancer foundation {http://www.wearethecure.org}, possibly start a local chapter?

stoic toto photo by silly blahgs
glamour shot of lex by silly peep
pamma lamma ding dong
scarecrow, cowardly lion, tin man, and dorothy
photo by silly wiz
baby bauer photo by silly blahgs
stylin' and profilin' mattie photo by silly blahgs
bentley photo by silly blahgs
i've declared his new last name is wilfred, based off the new fx show.
that is totally him. attitude and all. but it makes me more
tolerant of him, thinking bentley would speak with an accent.