...is creative

silly creative is my freelance business. i am equally a left brain right brain thinker and doer, so being able to put my different skills and work experiences into practice is completely rewarding for me.

when i was in school studying both copywriting and design, i was told by most writing professors that i was spreading myself too thin, and needed to pick one direction. but i believed that i could do both, so why did i need to choose just one? one design professor told me that she could tell i was passionate about design, and if i was just as passionate about writing, and i could come up with a way to merge the two together, i had a chance at being successful.

well, many years later, i am ready to dive in. to me, being successful at this is based on how i feel. it's not the amount of clients, or the profit i'm making, but the fact that i can close out a project and know that everything i've learned and done hasn't gone to waste-- that no matter what i've produced, at the end of the day, i'm proud of it. to me, that's success.

having a background in advertising, graphic design, typesetting, and project management has truly been a bonus when i get hired for a job. i believe these skills help streamline the entire process as i can also fill in some areas that may have previously needed additional players, both on the creative and analytical end. because the entire process is more time efficient, this equates to cost-efficiency.

i very much enjoy being able to be creatively silly, after all, that's me. silly. and what it comes down to is that i just love what i do.

keep checking back as i keep adding more of my work! and also do take a looksy at my portfolio and my resume.

a few of the services silly creative offers:
greeting cards • wedding invitations • brand development • logo development • design suites • collateral advertising • copywriting • editing

{above} logos i've designed for some of my peeps