Saturday, December 31, 2011

1 ♥ 2 ♥ 3 ♥ 4 style by sillystyle • outfits 6-13

1 ♥ 2 ♥ 3 ♥ 4 style by sillystyle • outfits 6-13

Proenza Schouler t shirt
€385 -

Summer tank top
$50 -

Floral top
£50 -

Jane Norman polyester shirt
£16 -

Extra long sleeve shirt
£29 -

£7 -

Pleated skirt
$158 -

Vivienne Westwood summer mini skirt
$390 -

ALLDRESSEDUP flared skirt
$267 -

Cacharel short mini skirt
£150 -

Maje mini skirt
$175 -

TopShop cotton skirt
$66 -

Striped skirt
€16 -

Pierre Hardy wedge sandals
$768 -

Georgina Goodman lace up boots
$322 -

Lanvin platform heels
£375 -

Bally suede boots
£438 -

Tory Burch leather boots
£335 -

Christian louboutin shoes
£380 -

Repetto flat
$265 -

Oasis flat boots
$130 -

Flat sandals
€89 -

Victoria Beckham suede tote
$3,250 -

Bottega Veneta velvet clutch
£1,125 -

Travel bag
$565 -

Mar Y Sol straw tote
$125 -

Paperself Paper Eyelashes - Peacock
$17 -

Thursday, December 29, 2011

the three little p's

you may have noticed lotsa fashion-focused posts lately. that's because of the three little p's: pinterest, pose, and polyvore. 
"Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web."
if you haven't heard of pinterest yet, i don't hate ya, but you may hate me after you check it out. in fact, i take full responsibility for my buddy-buddy frehn lou's obsession to pinterest. i warned her when i introduced her to this fun site, but she didn't listen. as the name says, you basically are pinning your interests. pinterest is a virtual bulletin board of all of your internet musings. you create a profile and numerous custom boards that pins/links to the images you find on the Web. it's great, not only for putting your own ideas and looks together, but also for discovering never-thought-of-that/how-do-you-do-that crafts, or party planning decorating tips. i even found a quote on someone's board that may be my next tattoo! i simply adore the vast amount of marvelous photography and artwork others pin. after a while you may notice you are loving pins from the same pinner, so you can "follow" them. there are categories galore, so you are bound to find one for you! it's definitely visually overloading at times, but i just can't get enough. the only thing i found irritatingly time-consuming is that there isn't an easy way {or at least i haven't found it} to move multiple pinned items from one board to another all at once. i started out with just some basic boards, but found i wanted more specific ones. so i had to start moving things from one board to a new at a time. would be nice to have a little checkbox by each pin so you can select as many as you want and either delete or move multiples all at once. i feel better that i've got everything more organized, even though it was a quite a bit of a hassle. but i still love you long time, pinterest. {mwah!}

"Pose is a free app that lets you share and discover inspiring styles from around the world."
this fashion/social shopping app allows you to upload a snapshot of your outfit of the day. other users can comment on your outfit, and they can "love this" by clicking the heart icon by your photo. you can tag categories and brands, as well as add messages to your poses/photos. there's an option to show your photos on your twitter, facebook, or tumblr accounts. pose has contests that you can enter by uploading outfits that you would wearing with whatever the prize is. for instance, right now they have a contest where you could win a $1,000 shopping spree to split with a friend by taking a picture of your friend's look instead of yours. the feed tab lets you see what your friends (posers that you are following) are wearing. the discover tab introduces you to potentially new friends and inspiring styles. i've already been taking outfit photos and posting them to my blahg, so i had a nice base to start with. love seeing some non-model-y photos of some non-model-y fashion-frenzied folks for a change. thankfully, no tyra banks included. but sadly, no nigel barker, no j. alexander, and no jay manuel either. talk about being fierce.
"Polyvore is the best place to discover or start fashion trends. Browse and shop looks created by a global community of independent trendsetters and stylists."
recently, i've been focusing on a virtual closet wonderland. polyvore is a social networking site for fashion lovers {as in, yours truly}if you have ever heard the sarcastic term, "everyone's a designer," with this site, it's actually the truth. through the convenient editor feature, you show off your style by dragging and dropping images from the site or the web to create complete outfits. there's templates you can use, even if you don't really have a lick of layout skills. this allows everyone's boards to look way professional. it's fun to join groups that share your same style, or join one with different styles than yours for new inspiration. the active user community allows for comments and discussions of different looks. the other great thing about this site is that you can find links to purchase items used in each look. this is a very clean and sharp looking site. you can use it for creating interior design and décor looks as well, but i haven't ventured into that realm yet as i'm having too much fun playing fashion designer. excuse me, is that tim gunn i hear? oh, how i wish! if that was the case, this little p would be squealing "wee wee wee" all the way home.