Sunday, December 11, 2011

here's to you, mrs. robinson

after six short weeks, bentley graduated from obedience school tooz night. did he graduate with honors? heck no! will he now behave around his big bruddah bauer? heck no! is he a better listener? heck when he wants to be! but he did leave with a darling cap. actually, his last two weeks of class showed vast improvement, and he did look quite dashing in his thunder shirt when he pranced around with his classmates. 

photo by silly blahgs
sister mattie attended the ceremonies. i think in part to mock his need for paid training. who are we kidding, that was pretty much her only intention. it was the highlight of her day, actually. it became blatantly clear she wasn't too impressed when, after just fifteen minutes of her propped little head on the chin rest, mattie sighed and tucked her entire body away in her doggie bag. but first, she tossed me a "wake me when this is over" look.

y'know, sistah friend never passes up an opportunity to head out in her black puchi bag and showboating her black and pink polka dot harness... after all, a girl's gotta make an entrance.

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