Friday, December 2, 2011

de plane! de plane!

so during one of my obsessive nights on pinterest, i came across a wonderful quote which happens to be a proverb:
proverbs 31:25 {the atypical housewife}

which got me thinking... is it time for a new tattoo? why, possibly! but where? i certainly don't want a tramp stamp, nor do i want any inking anywhere near my knockers OR my knickers. i have one already on my right shoulder of my astrological sign, scorpio. the second is on the back of my neck. it's a chinese symbol for direction, which i say has a double meaning for me. i have direction, as in life-- where i wanna go, what i wanna do-- and i'm good with directions, i don't even need landmarks. 

i've never really had a desire to ink my ankle, but nicole richie has a cool one. is it ironic that the rosary is not my thing, but the tattoo i want is a proverb?
nicole richie rosary ankle tattoo {}

the dixie chicks decided to get chicken feet tattooed on their own feet to mark every gold and platinum album and no. 1 single. i thought of something like that. whenever i would write another one of my children's books, i'd just get another daisy (my logo) put on. but i've sorta stopped writing for a while, so i'll just file that idea for a while.
dixie chicks chicken feet tattoos {rank my tattoos magazine}

i really like the idea of the arm, but not on the outside like a band. i like the inner forearm, and the upper inner arm, like kimberly wilson of tranquiliT did. sweet. although... not thinking it's the tattoo location for me. 
kimberly wilson's favorite mantra arm tattoo {tranquilitydujour}

i always loved seeing tattoos on wrists though. i came across this tattoo. if i were more crafty, i'd steal this idea myself!
details in the fabric tattoo {}
i thought it would be a quite symbolic location as i've had two carpal tunnel surgeries. thinking on the left it would be the first part "she is clothed in strength and dignity," and the rest "and she laughs without fear of the future" on the right. i shared another quote i liked a lot with cali bff, but she thought this one was more fitting because she said i'm all about clothing. i will have to design maybe an icon to go with each side perhaps. that would definitely be giddy? yup! material to design my own tattoo (or tattoos in this case since it would be split between both wrists).

tattoos are very representative of the people that have them. they have different meanings, sometimes obvious and sometimes not. another thing about tattoos that i relate to on a more personal level...they are short and to the point. 

i am short, and here's my point: barefoot, i'm really a foot taller than that hervé villechaize. which is what this is really all about after all. a little tattoo.
fantasy island {}

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