Wednesday, June 22, 2011


it's been forrrrrrrev since i've seen my cali bff {we calculated 13 years}, so when i got to visit with her memorial weekend, it was certainly something to squeaky squeal about!  in order to save on airfare, i drove three hours away to fly out of a cheaper airport the next morn at 5:30, arrived in ATL with a layover, then arrived cali time 10a {1p silly time}. so what's the first thing a girl's to do when she has traveled hours and miles away to see her bff that she hasn't seen in nearly 15 years {sounded better to us the higher the number}?!


photos by silly blahgs

photo by cali bff


photos by silly blahgs
{they only had the chai flavor that day, so how could we NOT return?}

when cali bff asked what i wanted to do in cali-land, i said there was only one thing on my for sure to do list {besides sprinkles, and shopping the nordy semi-annual sale}.
photo by silly blahgs
and, of course, it wasn't ALL about me, so for my mister...
photo by silly blahgs
{by the way... chris farley was in tommy boy with rob lowe who was in st. elmo's fire with demi moore who was in a few good men with kevin bacon}
faaaaaaar away photo by silly blahgs
and for all my fellow shorty homeys...
photos by silly blahgs
nutella crepe lovin' photo by cali bff
food styling by the bff'ers; photo by silly stuffed
then we later decided to try another bakery called crumbs {despite cali bff offering to take me to sprinkles bev hills}
photo by cali bff
...but i then realized we shouldn't be wasting all of our time eating and shopping {yes, we did that too} in h-wood & santa monica ...our efforts could have been spent elsewhere more worth our while...
photo by silly blahgs
after a long great weekend, i left my bff. i felt sad. but we both said on day 1 that even though it had been almost 20 years since we had seen each other, it didn't feel as though it had been that long. we talk nearly every week and e-mail/text often. but we know that it may not be another 30 years until we see each other again. when i talked to her the other day, she told me that sprinkles just wasn't the same without me, so she didn't want to go back. now that's a loyal friend. can you believe she's gonna wait 40 years before having another sprinkles cupcake? that's my bff alright. and, of course, i return the favor to her as well. but considering the closest sprinkles to me is over 375 miles, i suppose that means her will power is more at risk of being compromised... oh, ain't she just the best?

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