Saturday, February 18, 2012

my tummy valentine

what a sweet valentine's week full of shugga and more tummytizing festivities: 
walked into the office thinking it was just another day, then...
alas, the benefits of working with primarily women
{who bake nonetheless}. go women power!
photo by silly blahgs

snickerdoodles. my first real cookie obsession as a child.
photo by silly blahgs

delightfully giddy after a special hand-delivered surprise.
photo by silly blahgs

candleberry tea room's scrumptious egg salad 
on a buttery croissant + tummy yummy 
congealed cherry coconut tea salad.
photo by silly blahgs

the oh so pretty strawberries + kisses mini cake
i {was coerced to} split with my pal nonni.
photo by silly blahgs

sage garden cafe's delectable cranberry chicken salad sammich 
on their tasty sweet homemade oatmeal walnut bread 
and a cup of just hit the spot butternut squash soup.
photo by silly blahgs

callie's homestyle restaurant set me up 
with my new crush: deep fried oreos. 
photo by silly blahgs
this week was certainly full of warm + fuzzies for both the heart + belly. but what's real funny, my valentine, is that i've come to the realization of why i have this unexplainable, unavoidable, and uncontrollable sweet-sweet shugga tooth. i was, quite possibly, manufactured at willy wonka's factory in good ol' candyland, u.s.a.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

brunch munch duo: the letter b

mango and i started our "brunch munch duo" sisterhood of the expanding pant lines back in august with our letter "a" choice of alfalfa restaurant. many months overdue, it was time for our second stop.

there were slim pickin's for letter "b" breakfast/brunch places. of course, there was always bob evans or burger king, but we opted for joseph-beth's bronte bistro in lexington green instead. 
chai latte makes my heart par-tay
photo by silly blahgs

to offset my h-two-o intake for the day, i ordered a large chai latte. the mug was so large i almost took off my pink dansko's and jumped right in. was just goldilocks right for my hot bev craving.
oh, touché! creme brûlée french toast
photo by silly blahgs

i decided to multi-task my meal today by ordering the creme brûlée french toast. anytime i can squeeze in both a meal and dessert at once, well, that's the choice for me.

and a mighty good choice it was. after the first bite, my eyes blew up big time like the kit-cat clock. muy, muy tasty, and muy, muy sweet. who needs syrup? mango made note that it must be pretty sweet for MOI to say i didn't need syrup. that, my friend, is muy, muy true.

our waitress stopped by later and asked if we wanted any dessert. mango passed, and i pointed out that i already had mine, and waitress agreed. but, i added under my breath, i could still be convinced. unfortunately, she didn't hear me. although i was satisfiedly full, i felt slightly emptied in that the peach cobbler i saw on the menu board would not be mine. 

they say what the heart wants, the heart wants. and in my case, the belly wants too. it's almost valentine's, so fret not my dearest heart and belly, i suspect cupid's arrow will strike some sweetness your way soon.