...is just plain silly

• i am a graphic designer.
• i am a writer.
• i am a project manager.
• i am a fashion enthusiast.
• i am a home decorator {mine}.
• i am great at the kevin bacon game.
• i am a left brain.
• i am a right brain.
• i am a comedy lover.
• i am a foreign horror movie lover.
• i am woman, hear me roar.
• i am plain silly.
birthday dinner, circa 1998.
oh, '90's memories...
when i get bored, i still play dress up, but now just
to entertain myself and send silly and corny pix to my peeps.
here, trying to see how many layers of
tranquiliT pieces
i can pile on at once. think it was about seven. i was cracking
up the entire time trying to add even more on,
but it just got more and more comfy!
this is when mister got back from afghanistan.
i had lost the group i came with {potty break}
before our guys landed, and couldn't locate them
amongst all the army green or the fan-favorite
university colors and denim. but when i called
mister's bff, he paused, then said, "oh, i see you."
{thank you, yellow gap peacoat}

i was able to make use of my coat again for halloween this year!
morton salt girl. and all i had to do was buy a bubble umbrella 
{which i've been wanting to purchase anyway} and i already had some mary janes.
{thank you again, yellow gap peacoat}