Sunday, June 19, 2011


left to right: bentley, bauer, and mattie
photo by silly blahgs
as i sit at my desk {currently the dining room table} looking out the window at the breeze-tickled trees and the humdrum gray sky, i realize it's a gloomy day to start posting. but considering that today is blah, it seems somewhat appropriate to start my blahg today.
my genius babies -- two yorkies {mattie + bentley} and a mutt {bauer} -- are practicing their meteorologist skills. they are staring out the window, and are usually quite entertaining, but today are lazy like yours truly. except for bentley, our newest member of the family.
from the front, yes, he's all yorkie. but from the back, he looks chinese crested. gonna start telling everyone he's a chinkie. his hair gets stringly and reminds me of kid rock. for halloween i'm getting him a wifebeater, sunglasses, hat, and fedora. i also like to call him boomerang. if you throw him (we don't literally throw him, but toss him like a hot potato), he comes right back. bentley is non-stop and definitely in his terrible two's. we have quite a bit of work to do with him as we are his fourth home. simply put, he is most sweet when he's asleep.
lex, our sheltie, passed last september to kidney disease. toto, our cairn terrier, passed the december before to oral cancer. bentley has qualities of both. he has lex's neuroses like constant pacing; always wanting to go out, but not wanting to be outside; and hating his toes touch the grass, so he bounces across the yard like a bunny on hot coal. like toto, there's an endearing tough streak. he's demanding and believes he's top dog--severe napoleon complex. he loves to "terrier"-ize our large and passively sweet bauer. until bitch mattie {years ahead in age, but ounces away in weight} puts bentley back in his place.
again, i look out the window and think of how lex was my sunshine. our home seemed a little less bright after he was gone. and toto was the cloud you keep your eye on, watching closely, but every so often it lightens up. i turn to see boomerang bentley in deep, sweet slumber on the sofa, and i smile at my daily physical reminder of lex and toto. every once in a while, on a humdrum gloomy day like today, there's a glimpse of sun that break through the clouds. and it makes me realize that maybe today's not really such a blah day after all.

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  1. I hope Bentley has settled in and become one of the family.
    I , too, suffer from severe puppy love.
    No matter what the age of the puppy.