Wednesday, December 7, 2011


me and my peeps {lou, dix, and dilly}, met veej for lunchie-lunch at melanie's the other day.
crusty butts {bbq} on the menu. who can resist?
yummy crusty butts and slaw. shared with lou, who...
ordered a sampler with scoops of chicken pecan salad, pimiento, and crab salad. we like to get the samplers. because a girl can never decide :) thus the problem in choosing just three flavors!

we prefer the pimiento scoop at another restaurant we frequent, but... they charge extra for additional crackers. the other establishment only give three packs of two crackers per mound. that's ridunkalunk! so that is why we are currently protesting from our usual mounded salad venue. but melanie's nicely obliged when lou requested for more crackers. we looked at each other with "oh, yeah's" in our eyes.

"thank you, friend."
the waiter is now my new friend. anyone who calls you friend right off the back has to be, right? but i probably need to find out what my new friend's name is. what a cutie-patootie.
i can never say no to a cup o 'mater soup. this cup, however, didn't make me want to hug it, but i would give it a nice firm "how do you do" handshake.
as you know, i rarely deny myself le scene fini: dessert. here, blue bell mint chocolate chip ice cream in a pretty dish. sigh! squeal! drool! yums! this made me smile and was much deserving of a big bear hug. in my belly! oh, i've missed you mint chocolate chip.
oh, so back to the crusty butts! it wasn't bad, but was it crusty? not so much. there was a tiny side mini cup of a vinegary-based dippity pour-oversy sauce that accompanied the dish. it had a bit of a kick to it, but i just wish overall the "q" were a bit thicker. less butts and more crusties, melanie! i did like the slaw though. had the nice twang of a home-styled cuzz'n of the kfc slaw.

so after lots of giggles and inappropriate jargoning and girlish babbling, it was time to bid veej adieu. back to the grind for us!

noticed this sign while lou footed the bill {and "thank you, friend" to you too--melanie's only accepts check or cashthe lunch period was most definitely a darling splotch of sunshine on that rainy toozday.

and, yes, we left not only with the happy hearts we entered with, we rolled out with happy beauti-FULL bellies too.

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