Monday, August 15, 2011

giddy? yup! bass ♥ rachel antonoff collection

giddy? yup!
{things that make me giggly joyous}
yes, of course, there is much in life that makes me especially glee-ful! but today "the giddy" goes to the...

bass ♥ rachel antonoff collection

mango and i were out at the mall yesterday. right before we bid each other farewell (after hours of guerilla dressing room trials, plus some reboosters of starbucks, auntie ann's pretzels, and cupcakes), we decided to check out macy's shoe department. i didn't have any intention of buying any shoes, so i wandered off to the hosiery department and purchased a few cute patterned jessica simpson tights.

as i waited for mango to complete her shooz tour, i took a tour of my own and stopped dead in my tracks. it may have been just the lighting, but i could have sworn i saw a beam of light drawing me towards a pair of the cutest white and olive saddle shoes. with heels! gasp and squeal! by bass?! double squeal and shock! so i grabbed the pair and looked for a nice salesperson to help me. dude whipped out his little personal scanner and stylus, then plugged around like we were at the airport counter, and i was asking for new seating arrangements. he looked at me with his smug mug and said sorry to my size. so i asked any color. and again, no. and again with the smug "you're rejected" mug. oh, how i wish we weren't in public.

mango suggested we do a drive-by through dillards. i was like a mama who lost her baby, weaving in and out through the shoe department, scanning anxiously through the ugg's, dansko's, betsey john---oooh! cute pair!--son's, jessica simpson's, sofft's... but, sigh, didn't even carry any of the bass line. i sadfully looked on my phone to find it online. and found the holy pink grail... 
image via polyvore

i could barely get my words out when mango asked if i found them online. i kept waving my arms around like a water-phobe dropped in a pool for the first time while my phone taunted me by pulling up the page creepingly slow. i showed her the pink saddle shoes. she giggled as i told her they had to be added to my pink shoe collection. she told me they'd be perfect. 

when i went to the bass web site this morning, i was excited to see an entire rachel antonoff collection. who knew an entire collection? and then i found some articles and reviews online about this collection, and where have i been? {ahem! kentucky} seems as though it's been a long awaited thang. there's even a facebook page. and i could have every single pair (could = if i had a lot of money to just throw away on bass shoes). made me wish i still had my discount. i worked at an ohio bass shoes outlet when i was in college. i happily reminisced about those crazy retail stories with my peeps. we had some saddle shoe penny loaferin' good times alright. luckily, i've found some cheaper prices online, so hopefully these will be mine soon. and i'll have some saddle shoe good times once again! then after i dust off my poodle skirt, mister and i can head on over to arnold's to share a milkshake. which would then probably lead to my next giddy.

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