Monday, August 1, 2011

brunch munch duo

chai latte with dreamy whipped cream + delightful sprinkles
photo by silly blahgs
griddle cakes with peach, blueberry, and brown shugga
photo by silly blahgs
vegan sausage.
i design-plated it myself upon arrival, using only what materials

i had on-hand. i know. it's pretty amazing. dunno know if you've 
realized it yet, but i kinda have a special gift when it comes to food styling.
photo by silly blahgs
cheese grits. yes, greasy, but so very, very tasty.
photo by silly blahgs
my latest chomp adventure: alfalfa restaurant. been wanting to go forever. my new friend, who i shall dotingly refer to as 'mango' {not to be confused with my georgia peach who is allergic to mango}, and i went for brunch. lou has a supper club with her peeps where every month they go to a different restaurant beginning with the next letter in the alphabet. 

so mango and i, being the go-getter coquettish copykittens we are, decided to start our own rendition, based off of lou's supper club. letter "a" was the first stop for the "brunch munch duo." we decided that brunch is much more affordable for us than dinner. and, c'mon, who doesn't love brunch?! i'm hoping to add maybe another muncher or two, so we can become the "brunch munch bunch" (which is much more fun to say).

this place was fantastic. the chai lattes were wonderful starters. delicious cream on top, and you know that i squealed over the sprinkles! {crunch, crunch, crunch!!!! smile. sigh...} i ordered the "gravel switch" which sounds more awful than what it was. it included: 3 griddle cakes; breakfast meat; and alfalfa fries or cheese grits. never had griddle cakes. i figured they are just basically pancakes, right? no, these were like little circular perfect mini delicious frisbees of love! i was absolutely, undoubtedly smitten with these-- even with the large chunks of peaches. i almost didn't even need to put syrup on them. but me, having the sweet tooth i have, did put on a pinch. i also tried the vegan sausage. above, you will see how this meal was making me feel, as styled in the vegan sausage pic. next, the cheese grits. oh, me loves me some cheese grits. these were a tad greas-a-licious, but i just swirled it together, gobbled it up, and voila! no more seeing greasy cheesy!

unfortunately, i was unable to indulge in the snickerdoodle i saw on the menu boards. that's my all time fave cookie. shoulda got it to go, but i was in a satisfied belly-bulged trance. thank you, alfalfa. not only are you a true giver of edible happiness, you are very fun to pronounce as well. until we meet again and again and again. darling alfalfa, is it too soon for me to say 'i love you'?


  1. Oooh you're making me hungry! Love the smiley face plate too! Hehe.

    I just wanted to say thanks for your comments on my SITS day! You're awesome!

  2. Now, that's a good looking breakfast!