Sunday, July 31, 2011

a tale of tulle pretty's

i really like tulle. perhaps it's 'cuz secretly when i was younger i wanted to be a ballerina. however that desire apparently wasn't too strong to defeat the super self-conscious part of me that couldn't bear the thought of having to don on the danskins and tutu. but now that i'm older, it doesn't bother me too much being shorter and squattier than most. tulle is too much fun! makes me feel real girlie. 
photos by silly blahgs
i had purchased a black tulle dress with a light rosy cream top a few months ago for only $18 at the gap. had to have alteration peeps sew some belt loops in since it was one of those "let's-hang-real-low-below-the-hips" dresses. still searching for a better cardi, but for now my vera wang {for shorties at kohl's} ruffle cardi will suffice, as well as my denim gap button down.

latest tulle-ified buy is a cream number with a lacy non-racy top. it needed to be waist-cinched, so this stretchy belt with happy flower details decided to tag along. i like it topped off with the green blooming lattice garden cardi by field flower. tried it also with the denim gap shirt and a belt i got when visiting cali bff.

liking the lighter colored one better, only because the black dress hits the hips in all the self-conscious "shakira says that hips don't lie" places. but the long suppressed inner ballerina must get its tutu day. so bippity boppity boo! i'm just gonna hippity hoppity too.

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