Saturday, July 30, 2011


delectably and gratefully consumed munch-a-lunch by silly blahgs
tried out a new place with my buddy, lou. sage garden cafe. ahhhh fresh bread on my lovely half monte cristo with happy raspberry jam, yummy creamy broccoli salad, and slightly disappointing boo-hoo's in the taste of the couscous.

nonetheless, i put down my utensils and napkin feeling loopy droopy belly full of bliss.

sad to report though, gourmet cupcake of the week was m.i.a.

after those words dropped from our sweet waitress's lips, i truly felt a slight dip into despairland. what? no dessert? woe is i.

so lou, my sweety bird heels, and i ventured down the hill next door to the nursery shop and found on clearance a teaposy blooming tea box {i got the "heart of love"} on sale, which i can't wait to try.

additionally during my wandering, i saw this splendid card that spoke to me. it said "buy me!" to which i replied, "i would love to splendid card, but i'd rather save my $3.99 for when the gourmet cupcake of the week returns. but i truly appreciate your message, and i shall be sure to share it with the entire world {or at least my 7 BLAHg followers}!"

image from compendium incorporated 
apologies i've left you BLAHg-less for a few days. norman as been in the shop. and i've been having blogpress mess.

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