Sunday, July 3, 2011

...and silly shops sundays too!

{above} ikea swedish pancakes,
kroger nutella wannabe, 

and mixed berries
photo by silly blahgs
{above} i don't think we have a cereal killer
on our hands, but there is definitely a
crepe killer in our midst! looks like it 

may have been an inside job this time.
exhibit c photo by silly blahgs
today i met up with the fam at ikea. got my desk {note: with no help from my shopping husband who was at the lake today with my mister. he best recognize this is gonna cost him another trip back up there} and have completed phase uno of the "mister will be so pleased that i won't be working in the dining room anymore" office de silly.

i discovered two things today.
1) apparently the devo look is making a comeback in 2011.
my nephew x sure knows how to whip a trash can good.
photo by silly blahgs

2) mundane products {like a table fan} bring me
much joy when from homegoods and colored pink.
photo by silly blahgs

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