Wednesday, July 6, 2011

giddy? yup! pink champagne cupcakes

giddy? yup!
{things that make me giggly joyous}

yes, of course, there is much in life that makes me especially glee-ful! but today "the giddy" goes to...
pink champagne cupcakes

big up's go out to my fave local pr director for her incognito bribe--so i'd continue being her "specialista de graphique." little does she realize, i would assist her without the bribe. but it certainly does not hurt.

photos by silly blahgs

...unless within five minutes {or was it seconds?} i chase it down with another cupcake called "wedding cake." oh yes! i raced down that aisle again and internally shrieked, "i do, i do, i do!" and now that i did, i am so totally sugar wasted.

photo by silly blahgs
by the power vested in me, by the state of happiness, i now pronounce me full and sleepy. i may now kiss my pillow.

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