Saturday, July 2, 2011


yesterday was a full day of many nice to meet you's.

tucker photo by silly blahgs
1. mister and i met our new nephew tucker. he's a boxer who kept suffering from the new puppy KO'ed syndrome. what a sleepyhead. made me reminisce about baby bauer. so sweet. just wanted to take this little feller home. who knows? if my bruddah-in-law changes his mind... after all, we do still have one more dog vacancy in order to meet our quad-dog living standards in which we are accustomed.

left to right: movie husband's motorsickle and mister's motorsickle
photo by mister vrrrooom vrrrooom
"i-won't-ride-but-will-accessorize" photo by mister
2. mister and i went with my movie husband* {mister's bff who goes to the movies with me that mister doesn't want to go to. he is also my shopping/ikea hubby} to look at motorsickles. mister just got him one the other day and movie husband said he would get one if mister did so they can ride together. and since my hubbies come as a set, they had to get semi-matching bikes. me? oh, i don't have a desire to ever get on one, but i did have the desire to accessorize while movie husband shopped.
* NOTE: i do also have a "fix-it" husband {mister's other bff who epitomizes the ultimate handyman/walking encyclopedia of random knowledge of things important and not}, but he didn't get a bike... yet.

norman photo taken by silly ooooh's aaaah's
3. meet norman. my new shiny huge of a head imac. named him after my buddy mack in the peachy state who i like to call schnookums. right now, he {norman, not schnookums} is pedestaled on our dining room table. i am in thought process mode to set up a real workspace somewhere in the house. desk to follow. after movie husband takes me to ikea :)

p.s.  update on hershey from my last post. his mama sez so far, he's still doing fine. best of thoughts to both the hershster and my pal.

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