Monday, July 11, 2011


bauer is my guy, my baby boy. he showed up at our house when he was only weeks old. he was the cutest thing ever, and still is. only bigger. we tease him that he's not got much going on in his noggin, but he may have us all fooled. he's that guy who doesn't say much, and sits in the corner. no, he's not the creepy quiet guy in the corner. bauey's the one that's taking everything in and just observing.
bauer is our eldest dog now, and he has much to ponder upon. the days of yesterday, the days of today, and the days of yesterday. he's not much into thinking past today actually. 
so small! first time the bff's meet.
photo by silly blahgs
my fave baby bauey pic ever
photo by silly awwwwwwwws
under this futon baby bauey discovers his "reflection pose"
photo by silly blahgs

so, today on this lazy sunday, as i myself am in a contemplative mood, i'd like to recognize my bauey and his many days of wise, deep reflection. 

photos by silly blahgs

life moves pretty fast.
if you don’t 
stop and look around 
once in a while,
you could miss it.
– ferris bueller

and quite possibly, bauey ain't really missing a thing after all.

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