Saturday, July 9, 2011


mister and i had been planning all week that we were going to watch horrible bosses since we both had the day off from work on friday. he's been very excited to see it! unfortunately, the mister woke up with the sick bug. he kept saying he wanted to still watch it, but after much persistence and with a lil' help from my friend {dose of nyquil}, it turned out sleep was really what he needed.

it was such a rainy day. mister was a sleeping beauty-ish. the dogs were busy sniffing themselves. so what's a girl to do? why head out to homegoods, of course! bonus, it was a perfectly prime day to wear my pink sperry rainboots. alas, no luck at homegoods, so i did only what any silly girl {or at least this silly girl} would do in that situation. on a friday. when a certain beloved flavor was on the menu... but since i don't want to appear like this mama has a favorite {even though i do–shhhh}, i made sure this time i brought home her more casual sister strawberry shortcake ... and her serious brother maple pecan... and plain jane cuzzin' old-fashioned... and crazy uncle chocolate peanut butter {specially made for mister sickie}... and her identical twin sister pink champagne deux...

pink champagne cupcake
photo by silly blahgs
strawberry shortcake cupcake
photo by silly blahgs
anthropologie butter dish and bowls
photo by silly blahgs
after i got sugar wasted again {no, i didn't eat them all at once. i'm spacing them out for the next few days. and i will share with mister should he recover in time}, i picked up the camera and decided to try to be artsy photographer. 

i am trying to work on my camera skillz, so i have joined a photography meetup group, as well as taking an online workshop. attempting one of the assignments which had to do with stacks, i shimmied up my step stool {yes, i am short, but the cabinets are even tall for regular peeps}, and grabbed my anthropologie bowls and the pretty butter dish that were on my birthday list last year.



photos by silly blahgs

apparently, mister wasn't the only one with a bug yesterday. i got bit by the shutterbug! i got so snap happy that mister nyquil zombie-walked out of his quarantined containment germified cave to check out what i was doing. i think when i'm quiet, he thinks i'm like bentley, up to no good. hey, just cuz i wear pink rainboots and eat cupcakes-- all of a sudden i'm a troublemaker?

well, on second thought... yeah, we're a pretty tough troublemakin' pair alright.

self-portrait photo series by silly blahgs + bentley

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