Monday, July 11, 2011

giddy? yup! double giddy

giddy? yup!
{things that make me giggly joyous}

yes, of course, there is much in life that makes me especially glee-ful! but today "the double giddy" goes to...

lexscene magazine

what a lovely way to wake up on a monday morn and receive the three words every silly girl wants to hear:  
pink champagne cupcakes collage by silly creative
photos by silly blahgs
thank you, living social! and thank you, mister "you're-gonna-get-this-in-lieu-of-a-38th-birthday-burstday-cake-for-me-this-year-aren't-you?!" this is my fave local cupcake place {i may have purchased there a time or two.}... since i am no longer in the ATL vicinity of my ultimate fave in the universe cupcake place.

apparel outlet sizzling summer ad by silly creative
photo by silly blahgs
the second giddy goes to lexscene magazine. this is actually from late last night, but i decided to extend my giddiness into today :) mister and i had intended on finally seeing horrible bosses last night, but unfortunately it was sold out, so as consolation prize we went to stuff our horrible bellies at dinner instead. when we were leaving the restaurant, i happened to see an issue of lexscene, so i grabbed it. 
lo, and behold... my ad! the current issue is not online yet, but i do have this...

yeah, you might say that i've certainly got a case of the monday's. but in an awfully double-gidderiffic way.

photos by silly blahgs

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