Friday, July 22, 2011


it was early 2008, and mister was returning from his afghanistan tour. i was looking for convertible clothing for our st. lucia getaway. i didn't believe in checking in baggage even back then. since minimal packing has always been a must for me, looking for light packing attire was top on my list. that is when i first discovered the wonderful fabric of bamboo and other eco-friendly fashion.

let me start off by saying i simply adore the charming and sweet roxi suger. i have been shopping with her on and off for some years now. we correspond here and there, not always on a business level. she tells me stories about her son cotton. i share my crazy dogs' escapades and shenanigans. i even gave one of my dog books for baby cotton when we first started our online friendship {she calls me silly angel, and i call her foxi roxi}. always willing to give me advice on my purchases, this extremely talented gem is also a professor at parsons school of design. she exceeds excellent customer service, and the fabric of her eco-fashion pieces is phenomenal! my favorite item is the briefs because unlike some other britches, these don't go halfway up my back, and they are also not so low that-- well, what's the point? they are just goldilocks fittin' right. the gorgeous detailing of angel wings is adorable. her denim line are meant for women to wear all stages of life--very reminiscent of maternity jeans with the stretchy waistband {which might i add, shouldn't just be enjoyed by pregnant women}. my last purchase of the reversible halter/shrug is very cool, very versatile. and her girly wrap is a great length for the shorties. when you look through the customer images {which she sweetly calls angels, muses, and guides} on her web site, there is an ethereal airy calmness of natural and easy beauty that just takes your breath away. the photos make you want to buy from her, so you can be an angel, muse, and guide too. she even offers tutorial youtube videos. recently, she told me about her latest demo videos on vimeo, which are heaven sent for the girl who has trouble executing the looks from still shots or step by step written instructions. the flash side of her web site lists some powerful messages: we're all angels; life is a gift; beauty surrounds; peace within; seek balance; and radiate joy. her tagline is "may peace prevail." if you ever get the chance to get to know roxi, you know that it already does.

during that same convertible clothing search entered another lucky bamboo find. the amazingly multi-tasking and always sparkling kimberly wilson. i have several tranquiliT items in my closet, including an unbelievably oozy smooth, figure forgiving jumpsuit. along with angelrox, tranquiliT is part of my growing "go to" list of places for utterly buttery comfy quality fashion. kimberly set out to create clothing that could go from the yoga mat to the rest of your day/night, and she has succeeded. if you check out her web site, it's hard to wrap your head around how she manages her daily in's and out's. her schedule is so jam-packed, yet she makes time to respond when e-mailed about questions, concerns, or anything in between. she's always been a doll with me, and her approachability really sets her apart. with every purchase, she includes a little something special, like a tea bag. i truly feel bliss when i receive the package in the mail addressed to "beautiful priscilla." i've read both of her books {the first on that st. lucia trip}, and took an e-course based off her latest, tranquilista. it really helped jumpstart me into this new wonderful stage in life, as well as introduced me to a new friend that i communicate with via e-mail. when you come in contact with kimberly, magic happens. you feel more at peace by joining in on her infectious love of yoga, and you feel the woman empowerment that she evokes through her passionate motivation to keep going and going. for me, kimberly was definitely a driving force, in igniting the fire to actively pursue my freelance career, as well as starting this blog that i've been putting off. she makes you feel like you can have it all and that you can do it all. she definitely sets an example for the entrepreneurial creative girl.


the photos on annie's web site are way better than anything i could show, so i'm opting out on the self photos this time and sending you directly to her gallery.

awesome discovery #3 was annie mohop and her marvelous handmade wooden shoes. the best thing ever for the girl who wants comfort, uniqueness, and versatility for her feet. perfect for packing light! yet again, i lucked out with meeting another talented darling who made sure that i felt like i was her #1 customer. annie and i communicated back and forth a lot during the production of my order that i soon felt like i was just chitchatting with a girlfriend. i made her an xmas card similar to the style of my dog books–– with me holding my mohops and my dogs playing with the ribbons in the background. she said that she liked it so much that she hung it up in her studio. and she tells me, to this day, it is still hangs in the studio, right on the door of the "ribbon room." annie even sent me a beautiful handmade wooden bracelet, an idea she was tinkering around with. i love the shoes and have three pair, two of which are no longer in production. they were such a big hit that one of my friends and my sister-in-law made purchases too. besides a ready to wear line, a second collection was started where the wood bases are carved abroad (still in an eco-friendly, ethical manner). the shoes are then assembled in annie's chicago studio. both are produced with sustainably-sourced, recycled, and/or fair-trade materials. annie's background is architecture, and you can easily see her product is well-constructed and well worth the money. with all of the endless possibilities with these shoes, you really don't need any other pair. and you can almost guarantee that you won't run into someone with the same look as you. in fact, it wasn't until years later that i started making non-mohop footwear purchases again. although i always keep looking back at my mohops, thinking i need to add maybe just one more pair.

in the end, i really outdid myself at simplifying my vacay packing for our trip. among my minimalistic carry-on goods were a few eco-friendly choices, including a pair of mohops and some pieces of bamboo-cottoned fashion. the use of space bags and eagle creek pack-it system did wonders as well. i took a small north face backpack and a mini reisenthel shopper as my personal/beach bag.  mister's backpack barely zipped shut, and i suddenly really felt bamboozled when he told me earlier he'd take only one bag too. but no worries! i pride myself in being an awesome packer and i was able to help him pare down.
too bad roxi, kimberly, and annie don't do menswear... yet :) 

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  1. What wonderful convertible pieces! I might just have to find myself some =)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog for my SITS day!