Saturday, January 28, 2012

hey there, sugar

enjoying my green tea mochi for the day made me think about the great desserts of 2011. here's a sampling of those darling delights. don't worry, the calories won't add up if you're just taking a peek.

the cupcakes
carrot and vanilla bean from third street coffee in lexington, ky
strawberry and chocolate from baby shower in frankfort, ky
sprinkles in los angeles, ca
caramanda's in lexington, ky

peanut butter chocolate banana from candleberry tea room in frankfort, ky
vanilla from belly general in atlanta, ga

babycakes in lexington, ky

the cool crowd
tropical coconut gelato from kroger in versailles, ky
frozen yogurt from menchie's in lexington, ky
frozen yogurt from orange leaf in lexington, ky
mint chocolate chip ice cream from melanie's in frankfort, ky
eggnog ice cream the comfy cow in louisville, ky

the rest of the goodies
bread pudding from melissa's in versailles, ky
oatmeal cookie pie from melissa's in frankfort, ky
birthday cake pop from starbucks in frankfort, ky
bread pudding from cosi in lexington, ky
gingerbread man cookie from lauren & linda in lexington, ky

yeah, 2011 sure was a pretty sweet year, wasn't it? much love, much love... here's to making 2012 just as sweet, if not sweeter.

photos by sillyblahgs

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  1. This is ridiculous! You ate all this? Wow! Wanna trade lives?