Saturday, January 7, 2012


after the holiday season fiercely attacked my waistline, i decided to return to my old breakfast fave of greek yogurt. as i held the container in my hand and enjoyed each tasty bite of the delectable flavor flav, i stared at the packaging. chobani. then i realized that i love chobani. oh, what a happy day, i thought. it's been too, too long, chobani. reunited with something that was once dear to my heart made me suddenly remember other lost loves.  
yes, i may love chobani, but my first thought was of a short-lived romance which unfortunately lasted only two seasons. joanie loves chachi. and yes, she did. that cougar. the series, a spin-off of happy days, followed as the couple moved to chicago trying to make it on their own with a music career. the series mixed your traditional sitcom elements with musical performances. they coulda been one helluva force to be reckoned with on the karaoke circuit. sadly, the series ended before karaoke hit mainstream in the late 80's/early 90's. 

take an ex-model and a detective, mix in some mystery and drama, sharp comedic dialogue, and some hanky-panky tension, and you get another show i loved to record on the betamax. moonlighting. this show was back in the day before bruce willis was bruce willis and when shoulder pads were as essential as the little black dress. like several shows, once the couple got rid of the tension and got right down to the actual hanky-panky, the spark died like a firecracker touching ground.

one last "couple" that gave me the warm and fuzzies was balki bartokomous and cousin larry appleton. perfect strangers. they were the 80's version of the odd couple's felix and oscar. balki had several endearing expressions, like "you ain't just whistling dixie cups" and "get out of the city!" larry appleton, well, he had about the smallest lips on a man i'd ever seen. but their chemistry was great.

all three pairs had awesome catchy theme songs that just made you feel good. i'll have to get back with you on mine and my reunited love. gotta break out the ol' casio keyboard first. but i did come up with a logo.

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  1. EEEK! PERFECT STRANGERS!!!!! I haven't seen this since I was a kid!!!